Gimbal's Fieldback

A virtual hyper-reality journey below and around the stars.

The player enters virtual reality and is surprised to find a low-polygonal world more reminiscent of the early eras of 3D than modern games. The landscape, controls, sounds, and feeling are an odd blend of naturalistic and virtual. Gimbal's Field readily admits to the limits of its creators and the limits of the medium, it makes no effort to fake reality. Rather aestheticizing the dialectic of uncanny and virtual, nature and machine, and human and control. The player can control the field of stars' movement above them, and point to a star to see it's constellatory body, and hear its name. Technical details: The project uses the Unity game engine and was featured at Knox College's nascent, inaugural SMC_Down. A collaborative effort with Jamie, Bee, Errol, and Zach.