Flaux Brand Identityback

A generative logomark for a fictional floristry.

The logomark presented is for a fictional and speculative company. If they existed, their statement might be as follows: Flaux is positioned at the intersection of floristry and biotech; hybridizing human genetic material with flowering plants. The generative logomark allows for over 260,000 combinations (not accounting for color). The vibrant color blending and generative process tie in with Flaux's concept. The logomark's form suggests origami: a practice of bending, folding, and elaborating on plant fibers to impart the folder's intent. Flaux take their name from the amalgamation of flower, phlox, flux, faux, and fluxus. The company was inspired by Eduardo Kac's project Natural History of the Enigma, where he fused his genes with a petunia. The logomark was coded with PaperJS, a super nice library for manipulating SVG. The type used (sparingly) is Happy Times by Lucas Le Bihan from Velvetyne.

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