Capacitive Formback

A theremin-like interface for a fluctuating virtual form.

The physical device is made of two capacitance sensors (copper wire antennae) and a stretch-cord sensor. The data is piped through an arduino into serial into the openFrameworks sketch. The diameter of the inner circle and outer circle are determined by the proximity of hands to the capacitance sensors. The cord's stretchedness determines how volatile the form is fluctuating. The form is a radially symmetrical line; but it is no ordinary line! The line is determined recursively, in such a way that it always approximates a constant arc length. The algorithm for the line came from another project where I was trying to simulate the bending of paper (meaning, the arc length needs to be conserved even when deformed). The colors chosen, orange and cyan, create a coppery material and the slight displacement of the lines make the form into an animated Moiré pattern.